Erasmus is an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems and it can be an inspiration for life. The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to allow international students to benefit at the utmost from the local community and enrich the latter through the international background of the students. It promotes as well a social attitude amongst international students all over Europe. International students are invited to volunteer in the framework of the SocialErasmus project under three main areas of action: education, charity and environment. Best practices of the actions in the education field include information sessions in schools “Europe at School”, in the environment field planting trees to raise awareness “Erasmus Forest” project or the “fire prevention” project and in the charity field activities aimed at helping less favoured children such as the International Santa Claus.

The SocialErasmus project enables people to experience something new and to get new perspectives as well as learn more about European cultures. This gives a highly valuable contribution to the learning mobility period for international students and local communities. SocialErasmus was initiated in 2008 in Poland and rapidly showed to be a big success. ESN thus decided to transfer this experience to other countries and it became an ESN International level project by 2010.

SocialErasmus has three main areas of action:

• education
• charity
• envirnonment

The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Programme. Erasmus is supposed to be an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems as well as to make new unforgettable friendships, but also it should be a kind of inspiration for a future life. Moreover, the SocialErasmus project enables people to experience something new, as a consequence, Erasmus programme participants will get a new perspective, which would be beyond their cognitive abilities, if they did not take part in the Erasmus program. Taking into consideration the above factors, the main slogan of the project is: Reach higher! Go further! Go Social!

History of the Project

It was in 2008, the tenth anniversary of the Erasmus Program in Poland under the motto of the New Era of Erasmus that the project was created.
These celebrations allowed us to evaluate our Erasmus activities and to formulate plans for the future. The motto the 'New Era of Erasmus' was not coined by accident. Having entered a new decade, a new dimension of the program has been initiated, namely its major project called SocialErasmus, which was established by Justyna Adamiec and Magdalena Pawelczyk. As the project has appeared to be a big success in Poland, it was introduced to the international level and voted during CNR Warsaw 2010 to become an international Erasmus Student Network project.

(source: ESN International)

Projects realised within SocialErasmus:


It’s a project realized in schools, which has as a main goal to introduce to students from primary, secondary and high schools the culture and languages of different countries from Europe. Within the frameworks of this action, we organize European Lessons, which aims to approach Europe and Europeans, break the stereotypes and get to know the traditions and habits of other countries in European Union.


International Santa Claus project is a part of SocialErasmus, run by ESN Poland since 2008. It consists involvement of foreign students and ESN members in charity activities, but also in contact with local societies through organizing Santa Claus Day for children. Within the frameworks of this project, we organize the meetings of Erasmus exchange students with children, who receive many different gifts from us.


The idea of Erasmus Forest begun in 2008 with the celebrations of the X anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland. ESN sections from the whole Poland celebrated 10 years of exploring other countries, their cultures, languages and teaching methods… In one word - the essence of Erasmus Programme.

Appearance of Erasmus Forest is a symbol of a new decade of Erasmus programme in Poland, bigger involvement of exchange students into Polish society and begin of a new era having SocialErasmus as its’ symbol.

Erasmus Forest is a project built on 3 levels. The first one is planting the trees. The second one are the workshops under the theme of “Europe in schools - teaching about environment protection”. The last one is the joint publication with National Forests promoting ecological attitude among children and youth.