Coming to Katowice this fall? Start your exchange with ESN.

24th September
10:30 Organisational meeting at the dorms: What’s what?
11:30 Departure from dormitories
12:00 Bowling - One hour of uninterrupted fun with ESN.
20:00 Departure from dormitories
20:30 Pub Crawl - journey with ESN through the most interesting pubs in town. In every point there will be some shots or beers waiting for you. Let it be a night you won’t remember ;) Afterparty will be held in one of the biggest party places in Katowice called Pamarańcza.

25th of September
13:00 Departure from dormitories
14:00 City Rally - let us show you the city in a different way than just by walking around. Take part in a game. Discover the town, earn points and win
21:00 Chilling at Shisha Pub - because we all need to regenerate before another night in the club, ESN propose an evening in a Shisha Pub, where you can play games, talk, drink some beer or if you wish smoke shisha.

26th and 27th of September
11:00 Departure from the dorms
12:00 Visiting Tyskie Breweries
Because it’s so many of you we need to divide you into two groups and two separate Days in order to show you our local brewery. Don’t know what a brewery is? It’s a place they make beer :) Trip includes walk around the brewery and beer tasting.

26th of September - Night
As you may know Klub Studencki Kwadraty closed this year. But it has a little brother in the centre - Bavitto, ESN invites you to a party there.
1st Departure from Dorms: 10pm
2nd departure from Dorm: 11pm

--------------------------If you come before 11pm--------------------------------------------

After 11pm: entrance 10PLN and no discount

27th September - Night
SPIŻ - Opolska 22

29 Sept Monday
09.00 Meeting and departure from dormitory
10.00 – 11.30 Welcome meeting
- prof. Sławomir Smyczek, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
- Dominika Janik-Hornik Head of International Relations - welcome
- Renata Lipczak Incoming student coordinator – organizational issues

11.30 – 12:00 Meeting with Police Officer: Legal regulations in Poland
12.00 – 13.30 GROUP 1: Crash course in Polish / GROUP 2: Lunch
13.30 – 15.00 GROUP 2: Crash course in Polish / GROUP 1: Lunch

30 Sept Tuesday:
10.00 – Departure from dormitory (Ligota)
11.00 – Meeting at the University
- Karolina Borys (Euroclasses administrator) – courses & timetables
- Edyta Lachowicz-Santos - Head of International Promotion, Promotion and New Media Bureau: Your place, your space, your future, University of Economics in Katowice
- Beata Kleszczyńska, Martyna Mędrek - Board of ESN UE Katowice: (Ex)change your life with ESN
12.30 – 14.00 GROUP 1: Crash course in Polish / GROUP 2: Lunch
14.00 – 15.30 GROUP 2: Crash course in Polish / GROUP 1: Lunch
15:30 – 17:00 Game at the University