Do you believe in the Erasmus spirit and the benefits of living abroad? We've lived them all and we are sure of them!

As on October 16th we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the biggest student organisation in Europe - the Erasmus Student Network. We want to share our message with to world together with YOU!

We believe in student mobility. we believe it changes lives of young people. We want more of them to go abroad and and live the best experience of their life! Help us convince more students to take their first step!

We are going to organise flag parades in the cities of Europe. We want to invite YOU, young person of Europe to join our action and march in your national colours!
How to support us:

Support our Thunderclap!
Find your local ESN section on and join their parade!
During the week of October 13th to 19th upload your pictures and videos with your flags using the hashtags #MovinEurope and #ESN25!
Wear your flag, paint it on your face, walk proudly with your international friends and help us make a statement:

Why would you do that? Because Mobility is a lifestyle!