Dear UE Katowice Erasmus’,

We would like to invite you for our trip to Polish Mountains – Silesian Beskids, it will be hiking trip in the mountains close to Ustroń and Wisła.

Our main goal will be hiking in the area close to Wielka Czantoria and Stożek, which are names of two peaks in Silesian Beskids Mountain Range. We will stay for one night in the mountain hut on the Stożek.


Saturday - 25th of April:
Train from Ligota around 9 in the morning (pick up at the reception at 8:30)
Arrival to Ustroń
Chairlift to Czantoria, hiking to Stożek
Arrival to the mountain hut (bathroom on the corridor, single beds – two blankets, pillow and bed sheet included – no need for taking sleeping bag)
Bonfire with sausages

Sunday – 26th of April
Going down for the train from Wisła to Ustroń (visiting Ustroń, dinner there)
Arrival to Ligota


What’s included in price: transportation, entrance to the tower (beautiful Panorama, picture in the background ), chairlift, bonfire, night in the mountain hut,

What you need: some proper shoes for hiking (it can be muddy), some small umbrella or rain coat/waterproof jacket, backpack (no bag nor suitcase, you’ll be carrying your stuff on your back through the whole trip)

What’s the price: 90PLN with ESN Card, 100 without ESN Card

Are you afraid if you're fit enough to deal with it? Do not worry... There's maximum of 3 hours hiking, mostly on the same level and then 1,5 hour of going down.

Is there’s limit of place? Yes, there is. Limit is 27 places for all you. It’s really difficult to handle big group in mountains, so we apologize for any inconvience, but it’s due to safety reasons.

Where you can sign in? Here is the link:

Aditionally: There’s option for having party (disco :D ) in the hut, but it depends of your will.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask Karol Mroziński:

25/04/2015 - 08:30 to 26/04/2015 - 17:00