ESNcard is not only an ordinary card giving discounts but it's a card that is showing who we are. It's connecting people that are young, active, fulfilled, happy, curious about this day, not scared of taking the challenges.

The card is not only giving discounts, included newsletter will show you in which interesting way you can spend your free time in the city, where to go, what is worth seeing, where to eat, where to have fun. In just two years the card was sold in an amount of 50000 pieces.

The card gives you many benefits:

• Culture – discounts in theatres, cinemas, concerts;
• Sports – discounts in gyms, dance lessons, pools;
• Nightlife – discounts in bars, pubs, clubs, cheaper/free entrances to the parties, cheaper drinks;
• Discount in a bank for opening the free account;
• Discounts in the networks of shops nationwide.